Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Garden Fairy

I went out early to my garden to sit and wait for the hummingbird. I was thrilled to see 2 chasing through the air. At least they have some company.

Here is the one that seems to be ruling the garden, sitting on an old stalk amid the still blooming tomatoe vines and sampling the flush of salvia. The red feather on the neck area tells me this is a young male.

Hummingbird in the tomato garden
Hummingbird in the Salvia

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello Little Friend!

Hummingbird in November in Currituck
It's late November and I have hummers! We have been hearing the distinctive hum, so I made sure the feeder at my kitchen window was full of fresh sugar water. Sure enough, a female hummer showed up this morning. I went out to my garden (now full of salvias on one end) and waited to see if she showed.

This is a shot of the one that did show and it is a different hummer from the one at my window. This one has lots of markings on the neck and front.

My summer hummers left in September, these must be late migrants.