Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A flower walk before the storm

Tropical system Beryl was headed back this way after visiting us in an earlier life.  Before the rains came in large drops and then soft and steady patterns, I took advantage of the cloudy skies to do a quick walkabout and shoot some of my flowers.                                                                                                                    

The small violet flowers of clover, so hard to pull up!

Yellow and Orange Lillies and white Foxglove, a bumblebee fav!

Hollyhock in pink and a multi-colored

Sunflower! an automatic in my garden
and black eyed Susan ready to go. Another one I couldn't pull.  I like flowers with my vegies.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Even more success!

I was so happy with the fledgling owls.  I remembered the geese and wondered how they fared ... and then they appeared!  Paddling toward me, a full contingent!  All six of the young, and some stretching the wings that are not quite ready.  A very orderly crew!

Owls fledged!

The owls have fledged.  Momma and a very sleepy young one are spotted in a nearby tree.

The osprey have two young in the nest.  I hope to have a good shot of them soon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Screech Owl

Years ago we had a box of screech owls.  One adult was killed on the road before the fledging, but the other continued and got three babies out into the trees.
This year we have another nest in the same box.  The female is the pretty red color phase.  Screech owls are either grey or red, red being more unusual.
She is special to me, I look at her as a good luck owl.
I photographed her in April, then in May.  In recent days she leaves the box during the day to sit on a nearby branch.  That box is probably getting crowded and hot.
I have yet to see the mate or to see a baby owl at the box hole.
New to this nest (othere than seeing the female at the box) is that we get to hear her sing!  At the box, and now from her nearby limb, she softly warbles the screech owl song.

Here she is in April, giving me the eye.

Just this week, a front door view.  I like to give her as much leeway as possible and hopefully an ease with our comings and goings.  The box is about 10 feet up on a tree along the bank.  There is plenty of good green cover from the sun.  The box was intended for Flickers but I think she feels at home.  I thought the Grackles were going to take the box again this year but they lost out to the owls.  The Grackles are feeding a crew in the boathouse.  Now that is a LOUD bunch!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Young Ibis

With the rise of water level on the lower parts of the island I have also noticed the appearance of young Ibis.  The Ibis feed in low areas along with the Cattle Egrets.   I first noticed Ibis on a trip to Knott's Island and wondered then why we did not see them nearby.  And here they are, I suspect the feeding is right for them now.  A nice addition to our vast list of visiting birds!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crabbers in the Mid-morning

Crabbers aboard the boat Coriel busy themselves emptying pots in the mid-morning sunshine complete with a stiff southeast wind. A roofline in the Currituck Heritage Park across the sound shines in the sunlight.  I had not noticed the shine off the roof before now.  I thought it may be the Wildlife Center, but perhaps it is a large tent.
I visited the Wildlife Center recently; it is a very small but interesting museum with a concentration on the waterfowl hunting history of the area.  It is celebratory in the presentation with a nod at the the last exhibit to the fact that waterfowl numbers are gone from the big days of market hunting.  The birds are at trickle level today compared to the heydays.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This Time of Year

It's an expected but very welcome sight this time of year:  Canada Geese and young goslings.  The local Geese population is a result of re-establishment methods after population declines due to hunting.
Who does not enjoy the surprise of a couple Geese with a tassel of yellowed feathered young between them paddling the waters?  Or the honking calls of a small flock flying overhead ?

This family passed by earlier this week.  The other adult is nearby.