Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heron in the morning

Herons are usually seen in singular.  I recently counted 10, yes 10, fly over me in straight line formation (well, a little squiggly) and high up.  The squawk is unmistakable, the shape and wing flap as well.  I have seen four or five together before this sighting.
This morning I shot this photo of a single blue on a perch along my pier.  Once disturbed, three blues went a flying.  The others were out of my sight.
Perhaps they roosted for the night.  They are a winter regular here, so pretty when spotted on the causeway perfectly camouflaged against the marsh grass.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making tracks

The Green Tree Frogs were everywhere and anywhere last couple weeks, perhaps the height of the season for them.  Windows, doors, plants, and everything else were full. 
When the weather starts to turn we get a fog on the windows.  The frogs continue to do their thing, but the temperature change gives us a a little treat in the morning.  We get to see the tracks of a frog chasing a bug, making it's way to better hiding place for the day, who knows?  The tracks are there.
I want a rubber stamp that looks just like these tracks.
Here are shots of  frog tracks on my kitchen door on a recent morning.  Aren't they fun?