Sunday, April 22, 2012

MI after the Rain

A welcome rain on a lazy Sunday.  Softly drenching the garden and with warm temps! so our Osprey only had to protect against one element.  The drizzle continues but I had to capture the view of my favorite Monkey Island in the east.

The Island is green with foliage and on clear days you can see the bright white spots of egrets and herons that nest in those trees.  A boat ride over is on the agenda!

The nesting birds travel across the sound to feed in our wetlands and waterways.  We get to watch them fly over twice daily it seems.  Sometimes they get bound here by the strong winds and the causeway fills with birds feasting in the low water while on layover.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Miss Somersett II

We stop our day of activity about 4 and sit for a bit of time with a nice glass of wine or a good beer and take in the day.  As we looked out over the Sound today we caught a newly painted fishing boat (perhaps newly built!) being towed south in a strong south wind!
I read the name as Miss Somersett II, and she appears geared for a fishing reel but I'm no expert.  There must have been a Miss Somersett ... there is a story there.
She was a pretty sight and we wish her well!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cover Girl

Butterflies showed up with the warm spring and there is plenty blooming to keep them busy.  I finally managed a shot of the Red Admiral.  This beauty graces the jacket cover of my butterfly field guide.

The notes state that the Red Admiral likes to chase other Red Admirals and Painted Ladies before a storm and at dusk .  Maybe its the change in energy.  Here's a Painted Lady on my stunning patch of Calendula.  She'll make a fine chasing partner.