Sunday, July 29, 2012

Farm Truck

There are farmed areas nearby. Waiting to be platted into house lots in some future perhaps, but for now they are planted, run through by deer, dove and hunters .... mostly enjoyed by neighbors for the vistas, the growing and the harvesting.  The machinery is so interesting especially for one whose Grandfather once plowed with a mule.  So when I spotted this truck parked as the wheat harvest was ongoing I had to take some shots.

 It's a fine truck, an International, just a letter missing.

 Pretty as a red barn!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A little walk about

Another big rain last night, a lightening strike that made me jump.  After a morning run on the bike, a walk about the gardens was therapeutic.

A ragged zinnia may reflect the state of us all in the heat!

 The flower garden the zinnia stands in is looking just a bit tired, too!

The vegie garden is giving gorgeous eggplant!  So good.

Nearby hollyhocks try to keep upright.

This ragged swallow tail is making the best of it all.

 Black-eyed Susans are a new favorite and they spread more each year.

Birds were feeding:  the wrens, chickadees, cardinals, hummers, phoebe, blue gnat catcher, brown thrasher, woodpeckers, the cuckoo and more.  It is a great show when you stop and wait ... and watch. 

On a walk about, more of my effort is on watching than shooting pics.  I just put the pictures in my head.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Young Dove

The summer of baby birds continues.  The wrens are never ending, the osprey are flying and eating on their own and maybe even catching.  New hummers are about and today a young dove was spotted in an oak tree.  Very quiet and not very nervous  so I caught a few shots before testing it.
On a morning bike ride I spotted a killdeer with a brand new little one, 15 feet down the road another brand new little one was a flat splat!  What a shame.  I pulled around and picked it up and put it in the weeds.  So tiny!
Here's the young dove, happy in his oak and nearby seeds and water.  The babies are doing well.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dragonfly Contact?

If one is around plenty of nature, as I am, and tries to engage with the other creatures of this world one may find another willing creature!

I went out to shoot pics of a farmer's old International truck that was parked nearby and was greeted by a dusky blue dragonfly.  Dragonflies usually scoot if you approach, but this one just flew up and back down.  Perhaps it was engaged with the lens, but it seemed to listen to my stream of compliments and kept posing for me. I shot for quite awhile and may do another post with all those shots, but for tonight here is one of  my dragonfly, looking in earnest it seems.  I offered my hand at the end of my shoot and he gladly climbed aboard and we said our goodbyes.

My dragonfly, posing as Earnest in "The Importance of Being Earnest."  Isn't it an interesting creature?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Red-banded hairstreak

I'm sure I have posted a shot of this type of butterfly but it's worth repeating.  It is tiny, tiny.  Less than an inch total.  I found it sampling some parsley this evening. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First flight

One of the Osprey young took the first flight this morning.  Our boathouse is close by and long ago we installed a high perch.  A natural branch is attached so it attracts the Osprey, Kingfisher, Barn Swallows, Grackles, Crows  and many more.
The young Osprey flew to the branch and has been moving about today, even landing back at the nest this afternoon.  Momma brought a fish to the branch this morning and kept a great lookout on passing gulls.

Here is the young Osprey looking very spiffy in his early feathers.  I shot this after lunch, in the hazy hot weather.

I watched the young one swing his head side to side.  I observe this action among Osprey, I do not know what it means.  It seems to be an action of satisfaction, like a dog wagging a tail.

So we named this one 'Sagan' after the young rider on the Tour de France who likes to improvise his celebratory finishes:  young, strong and dancing!