Thursday, December 29, 2011

A winter view across the Sound

As the light began to leave us today I shot a bit over the Sound. Swan Beach was lit with houses, the duck blinds took turns as shiny objects in the water.

A favorite view of mine is Currituck Light and to the far right you might peek out the chimneys of the Whalehead Club.

It's a perspective of residents and a privileged view, indeed!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Young eagle after a meal

Warm weather and few ducks have the duck hunters home today. Here is a young hunter I spied swooping over the few ducks and coots around my pier.

It rests for a bit on the osprey nest and then flies off, eventually heading north.

Wounded ducks are easier prey. On a morning walk I saw a wounded Canada Goose. It was paddling near the road and took an interesting evasive maneuver. It spread itself as flat as it could, crooking his neck down too, level with the water surface. I invited him down for some corn, perhaps he will find his way.

A cropped view shows off the wonderful feet and talons.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Swans overhead

I took a late afternoon stroll out to spy my little group of ducks. Before I was prepared for a pic a group of about 2 dozen swans came flying fast over me. I followed them as they flew and got a few shots. It is incredible how fast they go; you are left wishing you could fly along.

Here's one shot of a few and one of more as they screamed past me. It is mesmerizing watching these magnificent creatures fly over you.

Aren't they fantastic!

Monday, December 5, 2011

When we rise

'That's the time I love the best' as the song goes. Winter brings fantastic skies; the first view upon rising is out on the Sound. What will it be?
This morning I first glanced a wall of clouds with light high. Scrambling for jeans and shoes I was out in a flash.
What a soft grey totally flat Sound. The duck hunters had beat me to it and they were cooing without luck for a handful of ducks.
The show was on the water. Surely a trip out on this morning was worth it even with no catch to show.
Not sure my skills bring you the magic that I saw, but here is my attempt to capture the view that captures me.
Just wonderful.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Robin

The Robin is underrated, I think. It's a beautiful bird, a large bird with color and design that deserve top billing!
Just look at the scalloped edged feathering on the breast of this Robin.
The weather was a gift today and this morning as I walked my garden the trees were full of Robins. The White-Throated Sparrows were singing their Disney song, the ever-present Chickadees were buzzing about and the Bluebirds were happy exploring all the nest boxes while singing their plans for next spring.
Add some Buffleheads splashing about, a flush of blackbirds above followed by a hawk. Mon ami, the day the was full by morning.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December morning

The weather has a bit of a bite to it, but still mild. So mild that the wild ducks have yet to show in any numbers. The duck hunters quit in the morning, after trying to rustle up the few tiny groups (tsk! tsk!) that are plying the sound.

As I walked out the temp was about 49, the wind strong and the water was moving fast.

A half dozen bufflehead came close for my legal corn. They are very wary and make several attempts before diving near me. A male is making a fast break back out.

The female ventures close. I think the Buffy female is bold. I like her!

As the sun rises, the Buffies are spooked and head back out. A beautiful December morning. Mon ami, I hope you enjoyed yours!