Sunday, September 25, 2011

Four out of Five Frogs

Tree frog in the afternoon
Four out of five frogs agree: enough rain! In a short rainbreak I went outside to get some fresh air and when I looked up the frogs were looking down. The frogs are usually sleeping at 1 in the afternoon but here they were awake and looking out. At what? Maybe at the tiny bit of light that came through and maybe for the end of the rain. But the rain came again. So maybe tomorrow. The frogs have had enough for awhile.

Update: Perhaps the frogs were on snake alert. One dropped on me when I opened the storm door this morning. A snake! I think the folks in Moyock heard my scream!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Squirrel in silhouette

It may sound odd, but we have very few squirrels. Well, one or two is plenty. You can enjoy them and the loss from garden and trees is minimal. I spotted two together. They must be planning a grand theft of my pecans. One of the squirrels just froze along the trunk. See how well it blends in with the tree. It only moved enough to keep it's face out of view, even as I moved around the tree. Not even calling out 'Hey Squirrel!' would get it going. Too funny!

Squirrel hiding along tree trunk

Monday, September 19, 2011

September Geese

Canada Geese on the sound
Cool air has blown in this past weekend. On cue, local Canada Geese flock up. I have no idea how far they travel in these flocks. Perhaps to a wheat field in Shawboro and back to the sound. Maybe they venture up to the Eastern Shore and the Chesapeake Bay. But fly about they do. Last night I heard some honking in a moonlit flight over the sound.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rose Buds

Two frogs on a rose blossum
Two green frog buddies share a rose bloom to catch a nap. I was admiring the new roses that my yellow tea just put out and found these two asleep. I bothered them a bit to steady the stem but they stayed put and were back to rest quickly. With all the rain from Hurricane Irene we have a good number of frogs. Yeah!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Blimp over the Beach

Blimp over Currituck OBX
By chance I caught sight of a blimp traveling south along the northern Outer Banks about 1 this afternoon. I followed it until it reached the Corolla area where it turned west and headed toward the Elizabeth City area. Probably out for a test ride (a blimp construction facility is located in E-City) and taking advantage of the low winds and clear skies, a trip along the beach must be some fine sight-seeing. And for the beachgoers, I know it was a fine treat to see a blimp overhead. Where do I sign up for test rides?

Here the blimp has just passed Luark's Hill, a sand dune in the four wheel drive area of Currituck County's Outer Banks. For reference I am looking East at the soundside of the OBX and as always, click on the photo to get a closer look.