Thursday, December 31, 2009

Joie de Vivre!

My New Years Wish to all ... Joie de Vivre! A wish to enjoy whatever treasures of life you may! I was in my studio in December when I looked out my window and saw "something" on a neighbor's dock. I had my camera and leaned out to try a few shots. Not the best, it was a long view of 3 of my most favorite animals ... otters. (2 on the dock, 1 in the water under the dock) What animal could exhibit the Joie de Vivre as much as the otter? Energetic, playful and smart! They rob our crabpots and our fish nets, and even when we have no catch to offer they eat their own catch on our dock steps and leave remains. You have to love them for their Joie de Vivre!

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