Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arugula Seed Pods and Sprouts

Arugula seed pods
Arugula sprouts
Arugula seeds form in pods along the stems of the plant. You can see the little green pods here. They will dry and turn brown and spill out lots of tiny seeds. And with those seeds you will get the sprouts of new plants. This herb does very well in our area. I just noticed the wonderful graphic detail on the underside of the flower petal (near center of top photo). It's very art deco!


  1. beautiful photos. I live in North Florida and my arugula is also at this stage. Chould I pick it at this stage and plant it where I choose?

  2. I haven't tried moving the plant itself. I think you would have to dig up the plant with some soil around it. If you let it go to seed, look for pods (just like radish seed pods). They will be green and turn to brown. Finches love them!