Saturday, October 16, 2010

Window open for Owl

Baby Screech Owl
It's been very warm and suddenly cool, but a few days have allowed us to keep the windows open through the night. The bonus after fresh air and no energy bill is the sound of what is outside. The trill of a screech owl in the still dark morning is a prize to me. There are some that sound like a horse whinnie, but this fall's owl sounds like a tiny scream.
I wonder if the owl we are hearing is one that was born in a large woodpecker box two years ago. We had a box of three; one adult was lost (hit on the road by a car) but the remaining adult adult finished raising the brood to fledge.
Here is a pic of one of the brood. I spotted this face in the box and realized we had baby owls, a first! We keep hoping that owls will return to the box. (And isn't that handmade box something!)

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