Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Patchwork is a traditional quilting style. Pieces of fabric are sewn together to make a 'whole' cloth. It was originally a way of using scraps to a better end and made its way to cutting up 'perfectly good' materials to create something unique and new.

I have taken the patchwork style to a smaller purpose than the quilt. I make tiny patchwork bags. My patchwork includes my photography. I print my work on silk or cotton and work it into the design. Traditional three layers and free motion quilting complete the fabric before it is fashioned into wearable art.

My Mother's CD player bag: Waterlilies!

My own day pack with a bird and a fawn featured on the pockets.

And my latest, a slightly smaller daypack in blue with winter gulls on the pockets.
I'm showing the back. This one can be found at Mellow Dog.

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