Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Screech Owl

Years ago we had a box of screech owls.  One adult was killed on the road before the fledging, but the other continued and got three babies out into the trees.
This year we have another nest in the same box.  The female is the pretty red color phase.  Screech owls are either grey or red, red being more unusual.
She is special to me, I look at her as a good luck owl.
I photographed her in April, then in May.  In recent days she leaves the box during the day to sit on a nearby branch.  That box is probably getting crowded and hot.
I have yet to see the mate or to see a baby owl at the box hole.
New to this nest (othere than seeing the female at the box) is that we get to hear her sing!  At the box, and now from her nearby limb, she softly warbles the screech owl song.

Here she is in April, giving me the eye.

Just this week, a front door view.  I like to give her as much leeway as possible and hopefully an ease with our comings and goings.  The box is about 10 feet up on a tree along the bank.  There is plenty of good green cover from the sun.  The box was intended for Flickers but I think she feels at home.  I thought the Grackles were going to take the box again this year but they lost out to the owls.  The Grackles are feeding a crew in the boathouse.  Now that is a LOUD bunch!

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