Sunday, September 30, 2012

A bird in the hand

Today I had the rare privilege of holding a Pine Warbler in my hands.  I was sweeping away the green and yellow leaves from my door and caught a glimpse of a clump (even got a peep!).  I just swept a bird!  I scooped it up and held it for about 20 minutes.  Most likely stunned from hitting the glass storm door, it did not object to my hands or my cooing.  I couldn't leave it for my camera, I just soaked it in and warmed it.  It did fly from my hands and as I clapped in celebration I realized I needed to wash my hands good.   :)

The photo has nothing to do with my little story, but here is a male Kingfisher from a couple days ago.  The battles for territory have been great this past week.  This shot is closely cropped, these birds are hard to catch with the camera and I could never imagine one in my hands.
The migrants such as the Warblers and the residents such as the Kingfisher are all welcome and every view is new and different.  But a bird in the hand is simply incredible.

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