Saturday, July 28, 2012

A little walk about

Another big rain last night, a lightening strike that made me jump.  After a morning run on the bike, a walk about the gardens was therapeutic.

A ragged zinnia may reflect the state of us all in the heat!

 The flower garden the zinnia stands in is looking just a bit tired, too!

The vegie garden is giving gorgeous eggplant!  So good.

Nearby hollyhocks try to keep upright.

This ragged swallow tail is making the best of it all.

 Black-eyed Susans are a new favorite and they spread more each year.

Birds were feeding:  the wrens, chickadees, cardinals, hummers, phoebe, blue gnat catcher, brown thrasher, woodpeckers, the cuckoo and more.  It is a great show when you stop and wait ... and watch. 

On a walk about, more of my effort is on watching than shooting pics.  I just put the pictures in my head.

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