Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Mistah Buzzard"

As a child of the South I read/am familiar with Thornton Burgess' books.  One I have in my possession is "The Adventures of OL' Mistah Buzzard".  I have plenty of respect for buzzards (Vultures) and the necessary job that they do.  There is a tree on Highway 168 near Aydlett that is routinely full of buzzards resting.  I have pined for an opportunity to shoot pics! 
The opportunity came to me in a smaller number and window of time:  the empty lot next to me!

I spied them late it seems (just after 9am), but was able to get a few handheld shots.  There were three and when I first spotted them they were all in a drying posture.

From the book:
"Ol' Mistah Buzzard was there holding his wings half spread for the air to blow throught them and the sun to fall on them."

Yes, that is it simply.  What a wonderful sight!

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