Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winter Recap of works

Here we are in early March. The Swans and Ducks are gone save for a handful of stragglers. The Ospreys are here up and down the island. Their sharp whistling calls fill the sky and give us something to look forward to: watching the nesting, feeding and fledging of new Ospreys!

So a recap of some winter work is what I will offer today.
I will begin with a fall endeavor. I needed to bring in certain large plants onto a new floor. I liked the cork mats offered in the stores and I save my corks! So I fashioned my own planter mats with corks, hot glue and a strip of fabric as a binder.

I think it is a great way to use those corks!

I also created some original works/patterns that are my typical "art with a functional end use" creations.

I purchased an Iphone 4s and , of course, I had to make my own bag. I made many with a flap and long strap which I love because the design is fun. I then moved to an open top design also with a long strap after a request that spurred me to create something new. I like to wear my phone outside of my main purse/bag for accessibility and because I would like to hear it clearly. My design is simple, tight and has proved a perfect carrier for my phone whether I am in my home, garden or out and about. I call this design the Bonnie Bag. I make it with graphic materials that I have collected or apply my own art to the fabric.
Here is one that has my dragonfly applied. I carry one like this. Perfect!

Kindles are so popular and I made many bags to fit the various models. Here are a couple versions of my original designs.
This one fits the original kindle design and the detachable strap lets you carry it around.
And out of same material a different design, a sleeve with a velcro closure for the new kindle reader that is so surprisingly small!

The last I will show is my original pattern Sling Bag created in Mudcloth from Mali, Africa. I purchased this fabric in Virginia at a February quilt show knowing as soon as I saw it what I would do with it. I buy plenty of fabric without a clue as to end use, I just have to have the fabric and know I will figure it out later. This piece and another mudcloth were purchased with this end in mind. It's a great bag to carry ... functional art!

I've had a productive winter, but I will miss my Swans and Ducks. Come on you Orioles and Kingbirds, I need you!

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