Saturday, March 31, 2012

A spring walk about the garden

This was a lazy morning.  A time to walk about the garden between the rains.  The vegie garden is looking good.  Lots of peas and beans sprouting, radishes,onions.  My garlic are looking super.  We have already had a meal with asparagus!  The warm weather gave us that little gift, soon as the cold returns those spears stop cold in their tracks!  Baby tomato plants coming up.  A friend that winters in FL brought tomatoes and oranges! 
The Kingfishers are busy, the Osprey set, and today while on the pier a Barn Swallow flew around!  Must be a scout, but I gave him a hearty welcome!  My Hummers have not even made a show and here is a Swallow!
And for my pic, here is the Grackle.  They are here.  We just try to control where they nest.  They use compartments they find in the boathouse, and boxes we intended for woodpeckers.  We will chase them from the bluebird/chickadee boxes.
They like this box which was made for Flickers.  The Flickers did not take to it, but one year Screech Owls did and they were successfull.  One of the adults was killed on the road so no return nest, but the remaining adult got three baby owls out!  I have some great shots of those birds.
Here is the Grackle atop its box singing its varied musical tune.  You have to give him his due.  

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